Bashaw Community Supports and Resources


Bashaw Neighbourhood Place

The Bashaw Community Wellness team is actively working with the Town of Bashaw to implement and provide emergency services.  In the coming days you may find yourself needing to talk to someone about services available, mental health supports, challenges you are facing or even a way you could offer some help.  A phone line has been set up for you to call 24/7 throughout this pandemic.   Someone will be on the line to help you.

Call  (780) 372-4074 or text (780) 678-9056 

Bashaw Food Bank

The Bashaw Food Bank will be available for those in need.  Presently, the Bashaw Neighbourhood Place facility is open for walk-ins to acquire a food hamper.  If that changes due to new circumstances, we will update here.  For those who would like to donate to the food bank, we ask that you consider a cash donation so that we can maintain health safety and acquire specific items of need.

Call (780) 372-4074 or email

Town of Bashaw

Update May 14, 2020.:   *PLEASE NOTE: The RV Station at the campgrounds next to the Agricultural Grounds is open for water and dumping.  The station at the arena is open for dumping but water not yet available.

The Town of Bashaw is operational and communicates the following:

  • No utility penalties will be implemented until the June billing due date of July 31, 2020.  If you are unable to make payments electronically or through your bank, you can make an appointment by calling the office at 780.372.3911 or by email at and the staff would be happy to assist you.
  • We will still be available for questions, etc by phone and electronic means
  • Municipal Operations – We are taking all necessary steps to protect our employees, therefore, effective March 26, 2020, the office will be closed to the public and administration staff shifts staggered to reduce the probability of spreading the virus to other co-workers.
  • Recreation facilities will continue to be closed until further notice.
  • Community Buildings continue to be closed. It is still recommended to avoid any community gatherings.
  • We continue to work closely with BDSS for other supportive resources as we become aware of necessities.
  • Council Meetings – once per month and will adapt to ensure social distancing or support electronic methods of meeting.  Date changed to first Thursday, watch town website for updates.
  • The office will be closed on Fridays, no administration staff will be onsite.
  • If you have an after hours emergency, you can contact the Town of Bashaw on call phone at 780.678.6961

Call (780) 372-3911 or email

Bashaw School

The Bashaw School has been closed to the public as required by the provincial government,  However, the teachers and staff are still supporting our Bashaw students with their learning. 

The school has put together a page of learning resources!   The page includes core learning tools, virtual field trips, creative activities, movement and wellness, etc.  Check it out! Please click on the Bashaw School web link  or Facebook page for updated and current information:


Facebook Page:

Learning Resources:

Bashaw and District Support Services

BDSS offers many social supports and programs that support community members to live full lives.  Information and referral is an integral support for community members to access those services not available here.  While many of their programs are suspended now due to the pandemic (daycare, preschool, home support, etc.), the caring and trained staff are still available to help where they are able.  

Call:  (780) 372-4074


Bashaw RCMP Detachment

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, RCMP Detachments across Alberta are modifying service delivery at front counters. 


  • Only essential services are being provided at this time.
  • In order to prioritize our services and reduce unnecessary personal contact, please call (780-372-3793) to speak directly with an RCMP employee. 
  • If assistance can be provided to you over the phone, an employee/officer will do so. 
  • If your request requires personal contact with an officer, an employee will be with you shortly and bring you into the Detachment.
  • For the safety of all, you may be asked to wear a mask while in the Detachment.
  • If you need officer assistance, and believe you may be ill, please let us know when you make the call so our officers can be prepared ahead of time.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you see employee’s wearing extra protection. 
  • Only Fingerprinting and Criminal Record Checks that are Time Sensitive for Critical Employment are being processed at this time. Non-urgent fingerprinting and Criminal Record Checks will be available at a later date.

Our Operational Communications Centres are open and fully functioning for emergency calls.  Please only dial 911 in an emergency.

Bashaw Adult Learning

Bashaw Adult Learning offers support for adult learning, work readiness, literacy and foundational learning  (basic skills to fully participate in community, employment and further learning).  There are also many different opportunities to train or acquire a diploma or degree online.  We can help!

Call:  (780) 372-3648


Your Health and Bashaw Pharmasave

Eric and Georgina Gaudet own and operate Bashaw Pharmasave our local drugstore.  As a pharmacist, Eric has the ability to 

  • Recommend over-the-counter (OTC) products, vitamins, and herbal supplements
  • Teach you how to take and store your medication so you get the best results
  • Monitor and help manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or high blood pressure
  • All of our Pharmasave pharmacists have the ability to:

                 -  prescribe most medications - including continuing therapy when you’re out of 


                 - starting or altering therapy better to meet your health goals

                 - order and interpret blood work, and assess and treat many acute health 


                 - follow up with you to ensure your drug therapy is working 

                 - provide additional support in using your drugs properly

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Eric has posted videos giving updated and accurate information for community members.  You can find his videos on the Coronavirus link above.  If you become sick during this pandemic, please do not go to our health facilities but either phone 811 (Alberta's Health Link) or call Eric to talk about your concerns.

Update March 25, 2020:  To make sure we are able to continue our service throughout the coming weeks, we have decided to limit foot traffic within the pharmacy. This protects our team of dedicated healthcare professionals and all of YOU, our patients, friends and family.
Starting today, the front door will be locked and you will be able to shop in solitude to make sure you can protect your physical distancing space. Before you gain entry, you will be screened for COVID-19 risk, to keep the space safe for everyone.
We will introduce two new pickup services for prescriptions and front store items:
1. Curbside concierge - we’ll bring your purchases to you!
2. In-town delivery
Please call the pharmacy @ 780-372-3503 to place an order or to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help 💜

Pharmsave Call:  (780) 372-3503 

Health Link Call:  811

Spiritual Care and Support

Spiritual care is important during times of stress and fear.  Bashaw is fortunate to have the following faith communities to draw from:

Bashaw Community Church: (780) 372-2204

Bashaw United Church :  (780) 372-3891

Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church (403) 742-0694

Zion Lutheran Church: (780) 672-5353

Summer Camping

April 15, 2020 Update:

What kinds of Campgrounds are allowed to open during Covid-19?
• Privately owned and also Municipally owned campgrounds will start to open this spring between mid April and early June. Most campgrounds in our region open in May.
• Seasonal or long term camping accommodation (of 4 weeks or longer) will be open.
• Daily/Weekend Campgrounds may be open if they follow the new AHS rules.
• It is important to check and contact the Campground to find out if it is open and what prevention measures are in place.
• See below for the update on fire bans that were announced this week.

What you can expect if you go Camping in Spring 2020:
• There will be signs up promoting Covid-19 prevention measures in effect.
• Contact free or minimal contact registration for Check in and out.
• Social and Physical distancing of 2 metres is mandatory.
You must camp in an RV and use your own functioning toilet, shower, bathroom facilities so you can self isolate.
RVs must be 30’ away from the nearest RV.
• Campsites (or RVs) must be serviced with a supply of water, Power supply and you must have access to a sewer disposal station.
• No tenting is allowed.
• No Visitors are allowed at your campsite. No co-mingling of campsites.
Playgrounds, group camping sites, group firepits, events and gathering places are Closed and Cancelled.
• Shared use facilities like Toilets, Showers, self serve comfort stations are Closed.
• No rentals or use of bicycles, paddle boats, mini golf courses.
• Campground staff are not allowed to collect your garbage or recycling- you must use the dumpsters and receptacles provided at the campgrounds.