Wellness Supports

“On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. Raise your sail and begin.” — Gregory S. Williams

Support for your Mental Health

Bashaw community is pleased to announce that we have access to a mental health therapist, children's mental health therapist, and addictions counsellor.  These services will be available in person in Bashaw once the restrictions are limited.  For now, the service is being provided virtually through the use of zoom and telephone.  Psychiatry services are being provided virtually.  Please call our office for more information and referral. 

 Phone: 780.372.4074

Wellness Together Canada: Mental Health and Substance Use Support

We recognize the significant strain that COVID-19 has placed on individuals and families across the country. Many people are concerned about their physical and mental well being. Canadians are being challenged in a number of ways because of isolation, financial and employment uncertainty and disruptions to daily life. Wellness Together Canada provides tools and resources to help get Canadians back on track. These include modules for addressing low mood, worry, substance use, social isolation and relationship issues.

Get Started Here:  https://ca.portal.gs/


Feeling stress, anxiety and depression due to the COVID-19 crisis? We can help.

Text COVID19HOPE to 393939 to subscribe.

The program provides one-way communication and does not replace other mental health therapies and supports. It is a helpful option for people in self-isolation who can’t access face-to-face services, as well as those in remote locations.

Text messages are free, dependent on the users cell phone plan. Some users may be charged per text message depending on their cell phone plan with their current provider. We encourage users to check with their provider. If they are unable to sign-up due to potential costs, we encourage them to visit Help in Tough Times where free resources are available, including variety of mental health related podcasts and videos for download.

Cornona Virus Anxiety Workbook

A Tool to Help You Build Resilience During Difficult Times 


More Mental Health Resources

There are multiple challenges facing us today, but our connectivity means there are resources to help us and patrons cope with information overload, isolation, and anxiety during this time.

  • A Toronto professor has created a free course designed to help people manage their mental health and anxiety responses to COVID-19.
  • Theangermanagers.com is hosting free weekly online calming clinics Thursdays at noon. Some topics covered include: coping techniques, managing uncertainty, and how to discuss the pandemic with your children.
  • Alberta Health Services has put together a page of resources with topics ranging from healthcare services to handling grief and addiction supports.
  • The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has created a dedicated page of resources covering topics from coping with stress and anxiety, managing quarantine and isolation, and addressing stigma and prejudice.
  • The International OCD Foundation has a page of tips for those living with OCD or related disorders. Self-Care During a Pandemic.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart has announced a free online stress management course. The access code is SHOPPERS